Monday, 12 May 2008

Coincidences in Cannes

I was at the Meffy Awards in Cannes last week and enjoying a conversation with a dining partner about coincidences.
As we're mid-flow, I get a tap on my shoulder.
"David Cushman?" he asked.
"The David Cushman of the Biggleswade Chronicle"...
That was the paper I started my career on 20 years ago.
It turned out that the man tapping me on the shoulder worked for ITN. One of his team had worked with me, in a team of three, in that tiny office in Biggleswade almost 20 years ago. He'd heard his boss referring to me in some way connected to the conference in Cannes we were both attending.
A coincidence among coincidences.
I have my theories about this kind of thing...

So I'm telling this story to a chap I meet on the bus in Cannes. We end up sharing a cab back to the airport. Turns out he plays rugby with the fella I was talking coincidences with at the awards dinner...

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