Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The right wrong number

Tim Green

A few year's back I was listening to a Norah Jones album, marvelling at the quality of the musicianship. I decided to check the sleeve notes - as we nerdy men do - and note the names of the sidemen. I soon realised many of them were players on albums I already owned by Cassandra Wilson and other jazzy artists.

One name was Marc Ribot, a fantastically original guitarist. I hadn't heard of him before, but soon discovered he was a collaborator with Tom Waits on many great albums. I spent a happy few hours googling him.

Then I went on holiday for two weeks.

When I returned I checked my answering machine. The 14th message was from Marc Ribot, calling a wrong number (mine) and telling someone called Alex he was in London doing a gig.

By this time, the gig had been and gone. He didn't leave his number, so I never got the chance to tell him. I wonder if he's reading this?

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David Cushman said...

Funny thing about the web is... now that there's a link from this post to his site, he almost certainly will be reading this... at some point