Monday, 19 May 2008

Two wrongs make a Mr Right?

A very good friend of mine (sorry can't name her, let's call her Andrea) once lived in a small town in Kent. There she had a short fling with one of her neighbours (let's call him Andrew). The fling lasted a couple of weeks.
After their affair had ended she noticed a new woman in the neighbour's life. Let's call her girl Bridget. Their relationship lasted a little longer. Long enough for Andrea to notice Bridget's car when it was parked in the street.
Andrew ended up meeting a nice new fellah (let's call him Brian) and moving in with him in a small town north of London.
The new relationship lasted a lengthy period. But in the end it failed and Andrea and Brian went their separate ways.
10 years passed and Andrea was making a friendly visit to Brian for old time's sake. She recognised a car in the drive.
It was Bridget's... Not only did Bridget still have the same car all these years on, she has also married Brian.

Bridget has not yet returned to see what Andrew is up to.

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